EnviroIssues / The Regional Coalition for Clean Rivers & Streams

With the help of EnviroIssues' talented Portland, OR office, I created a 'Digital Media Buying Guide' for the Regional Coalition for Clean Rivers & Streams' Spring/Summer 2017 public awareness campaign. The Coalition's members weren't sure how much money they wanted to spend on digital ads or which platforms would reach their target audiences best. It was my responsibility to determine the effectiveness of each major platform under consideration for each target demographic and offer multiple solutions at different price points. I NEED THAT.



"Aascot lent her considerable knowledge about how to reach target audiences using digital outreach and advertising as a subconsultant on a recent project with a small budget and lot of ambition. She put together tailored ad buy packages that were sophisticated and well thought out to meet our unique requirements at several price-points which we shared with our client. She picked up on nuances across several platforms that informed the mix, and explained it all to me so I was confident in making solid recommendations that were much more finely-tuned than what they would get working with most ad brokers. She presented this work in a well received report complete with charts and graphics that walk the reader through the options, benefits and considerations for different digital ad options." 

— Bridger Wineman, Public Involvement Associate at EnviroIssues

Second Harvest

Inland Northwest Chapter

After investing in a new website for their organization, the decision makers at Second Harvest of the Inland Northwest wanted to learn more about Google Analytics. It was my pleasure to train a small group of leaders with varying degrees of computer skills in the Second Harvest office. In just two hours, we covered the basics of how to use Google Analytics, how the data can be used to make decisions for the organization, and how to pull specific reports for both internal decision-making and grant application preparation. I NEED THAT.

Washington Grown

Regional Public Access Television Show

Alongside Washington Grown's in-house team, I managed much of the show's online presence throughout the course of a long-term client relationship. My responsibilities included everything from managing multiple social platforms to keeping up the show's popular YouTube channel and Pinterest pages to written content development and implementation for the show's website. Carefully planning and scheduling each post was crucial to the professionalism the show's producers aimed for. I NEED THAT.